Agustus 2019. Kurnia Ramadani


RegoPantes is an e-commerce platform which provides and guarantees a direct transaction between consumer and farmer. Direct transaction is aimed at breaking the long trading chains. The positive impact of this direct transaction is felt by both the consumers and farmers for example the high possibility of getting fair prices.


Several users just selected the “Add to Cart” feature instead of completing the payment process


Increasing the number of users who completed the payment after using “Adding to Cart” feature.


  • Forming a team : Forming a team to conduct a research.
  • Leading the Research : Determining the research strategy and timeline.
  • User Interview : Carrying out several deep interviews with loyal customers.
  • Processing data : Processing the data gained from the deep interviews process to be several suggestions for improving the design
  • Prototyping : Developing a prototype based on the results of the data obtained.


  • Forming a Research Team

    I chose six person with different background for the team in order to be able to see the problems from various points of view.

    • WR : Head of RegoPantes
    • RA : Lead Technology of RegoPantes
    • RW : Backend developer of RegoPantes
    • AM : Filed operational of RegoPantes
    • FP : Lead Marketing of RegoPantes
    • RN : Business Staff of RegoPantes

  • Determining the respondents

    We collected the data from the transaction log of RegoPantes in the past three months to determine the respondents who would participate in this research. The selected respondents were loyal consumers of RegoPantes who had a large number and frequency of purchases. After getting a number of prospective users, we asked the availability of the users to take part in the research and set the schedule to conduct the deep interviews.

  • Interviewing the Respondents

    After obtaining the data of respondents who were willingly follow the research, we contact the respondent according to the schedule given by the respondent. We do voice recording during the interview process. This recording data will then be processed to get problems experienced by users

  • Defining the problems

    Based on the data gained from the user interviews, we classified the problem into several focusses which were business, technology, and marketing. Later the three areas were classified again based on the level of importance starting from the most important to the less important.

Design System

The design system was made to facilitate the process of developing the mockups and to maintain the consistency of the design in every page.

Final Design