November 2018. Kurnia Ramadani


Indonesia is a country of law that has a law enforcement institution called the police. The main responsibility of this institution is to protect and provide security to the public society. Polisikita is an application initiated by the Yogyakarta Regional Police aimed at making the society feel closer to the institution.


Does Polisikita have the features needed by the society and can it be operated easily?


Designing the latest version of the Polisikita application with some additional features and new appearance to make it easier to use.


  • Usability testing : The usability testing was performed to the users by providing several tasks or scenarios in order to measure how fast the users completed the task. Comment and suggestion uttered by the users were taken into note as additional data.
  • Data Processing : The data obtained from the usability testing stage were processed becoming several suggestions for improving the design.
  • Prototyping : membuat prototype yang diawali dari low fidelity berupa gambaran kasar yang dituangkan diatas kertas sampai dengan prototype berbentuk high fidelity
  • Testing : design designs in the form of high-fidelity are then made into interactive prototypes using the marvel app. It is intended that users can use prototypes like ready-made applications. This interactive prototype will be used as a testing tool for users.


  • User Persona

    Creating persona had the objective to find out the users’ characters and expectations towards the application related to the police institution. Based on the data obtained it can be concluded that the users expected the application could be used to report crimes quickly through calls, access news related to the latest crime issues around them, convenient to use, and real time.

  • Usability Testing

    In the usability testing, the users were given twelve test scenarios. The process was recorded including the users’ gestures, voices, and expressions.

  • Data Processing

    The data obtained from the usability testing were in form of recorded videos and audios. The results were in form of task history done by the users such as the number of taps and the duration they spent for finishing each step. The purpose was to know which step was considered difficult by the users. Each comment uttered by the users was also taken into note as a form of feedback given by the users.


The recommended design which had been made was used as a base for developing the prototype, begun from the low fidelity to the high fidelity.

  • Low Fildelity Prototype

  • High Fildelity Prototype


Testing the design should be conducted in order to know whether the design has answered the problems faced by the users or not. The test was done to eight different users. A similar test was also carried out to the previous version of the application. The results of the tests were later compared to know the improvement of the application.

The new version of Polisikita had a lower level of error tap compared to the previous version. It can be inferred that the new version of the Polisikita application is easier to use compared to the earlier version.

Users Feedback

“.. tampilan pada halaman login sudah pas, simple dan seperti aplikasi lainnya juga, jadi saya familiar…”

“...Menurut saya tampilannya sudah ok, halaman membuat laporannya tidak membosankan…”

“...pada saat membuat SKCK halamannya tidak membosankan, karena dibuat tidak scroll panjang kebawah…”